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v     Thnks for the updated collection. You know what, yesterday I picked up my pkg late and this morning had a good look at the saris and they're beautiful. Well they looked amazing yesterday too, but today in daylight it's a different charm. I'm so scared to wear the black one now. It's gorgeous and a true gem. Many thanks for your creativeness and to the karigar's amazing skills. Also thnks for putting up with my neat pickiness. Don't mean to make things harder for you, but truly appreciate your help with the selections. Oh ya, the packing was nicely done. [S. N.,  Canada] May 2nd 2013.

v     Thank you for the beautiful saris. Black is very lovely and many Thnks to karigar for the tremendous work.  Two color is also very pretty and nicely done. Thnks also to this karigar for a lovely creation. very happy with the two saris. [S. N., Canada] May 2nd 2013.

v     Superb TOC. Everything- Communication, Packaging, Delivery time was superb. I am very grateful to TOC for answering my several emails and patience in my rather crazy selection. Finally, my Paithani is truly a dream one and is much much more beautiful than imagined. Thank you TOC. [Aarti K S, California, USA] May 1st 2013.

v     Hi, received my order today in safe and timely manner. Saree is very beautiful. Thank you for your speedy and accommodative service. [Prof Padma N., Florida, USA ] April 29th 2013.

v     Hi Rashmi, as you told me my saree arrived this morning and it is very very very nice. My sincere thanks to your artisans to weave such a fine piece. Your work is commendable. As promised sending payment for my second saree today. All the best. [Kishori R, Melbourne, Australia] April 27th 2013.

v    Dear Touch of Class, sorry for delay in sending feedback as I was away on my Honey Moon.  Sending images of my wedding day. Everyone present there complimented me for my Paithani. Thanks to you. I am glad I listened to Rashmi's advice on selection. With the memories of wedding day, Touch of Class Paithani will be always there in my heart. Thank you. Will call you soon. [Sudipta B, New York, USA] April 21st 2013.

v     Hey Guys, thanks for sharing history and background on Paithani weave. Very exciting. It was nice to send me a beautiful wall hanging. Thank you. [Catherine Peter, Knoxville, USA] April 25th 2013.

v   Received my package yesterday. All 3 sarees are outstanding. Thanks for sending them quickly. I am glad that I decided to go with Touch of Class Paithani. Thank you. [Suneedhi Pande, Delhi, India] April 19th 2013.

v     It was treat to visit TOC and see personally the fabulous collection of art. I always thought that I had great collection of ethnic sarees but realised that without Paithani it was not. I am very proud to own Touch of Class Paithani. I strongly recommend each visitor to try them and you will be proud to own one just like me. [Kunal Sardesai, Ohio, USA] April 7th 2013.

v    WOW. What a saree. I am scared to wear it as it is so beautiful and delicately crafted that I have to be so careful to drape. Thank you thank thank you Rashmi and team. I am so happy to own my dream paithani. Keep the great work and god bless you all. [Santhi Thomas, Calicut, Kerala, India] March 28th 2013.

v     Hello mam, my sincere thanks to you for assisting me in selecting surprise to my mother's birthday. She was shocked to see my gift and is so happy that I was able choose exactly what she likes. Gift packaging and timely delivery was just perfect. I just can't thank you enough. Thank you! [Ritesh, Chicago, USA] March 7th 2013.

v    Being Maharshtrian and having seen so many paithanies I thought I know everything about it, but after interacting with Touch of Class, I realsied that I knew only fraction. The art and energy behind each saree is remarkable. It is wonderful that passionate team is working so hard to keep the art alive and making it with tune to young Indian girls. I will do my part and tell everyone I know here in Virginia to buy one. I think every Indian should have at least one Touch of class paithani. [Dhanashree Kulkarni, Virginia, USA] March 12th 2013.

v     Hello Touch of Class! Received my order last evening. Very beautiful saree. You need to improve on images as sarees are ten times beautiful than what we saw on computer. Thanks again. [Sherril F, Detroit, USA] March 9th 2013.

v    Outstanding Rashmi. I said all this on telephone but this is for your feedback page. My order came as big surprise so much so that I am not waiting for the event in May to wear it. I want to show it off as soon as possible. BTW blouse and tassels were perefect. [Lalitha T, Hyderabad, India] March 1st 2013.

v     Thank you for taking my order last minute and sending so fast. I really appreciate your efforts in making our ceremony successful. My wife was surprised to see it as she always wanted one beautiful Paithani in Green. It is very beautiful, very royal. Thank you for the round the clock customer service. I look forward to order more Sarees from you. [Sandip Joshi, Bangalore, India] Feb 26th 2013.

v     Received the saree. If god (if there is a god :-) could weave Sarees, then he would weave the Paithanis your "karigar bhadra-jan" are creating. It is so stunning that I have still not been able to draw a breath. The workmanship, the quality of the silk....The saree is an ode to beauty and really the kind of thing that brings tears to one's eyes. To think of the toil and really the devotion that has gone into creating and preserving as the artisans and you are, so exquisite an art-form. Also the color. I have seen the mango color in Sarees, but never anything as lovely as this. Its as if the mango, full and ripe, is blushing under the sun's caress. Thank you and warm regards. [Uma D, NY, USA] Dec 7th 2012.

v     I received Saree on Friday. It is very beautiful, very elegant. Thanks for the excellent customer service. I look forward to order more Sarees from you. [Sandhya, California, USA] Oct 7th 2012.

v   Just received the saree, it is just beautiful and much better than what I expected. Thank you so much, you made my day on the 'Sashthi' tithi of Durga Puja. This is the first time I bought a saree and specially anything from India in internet, I thought I would give it a try and was ready to loose the money to get the experience of buying something from India. But I am so pleasantly surprised. You were so professional at every stage, regularly sending the tracking details, I was simply amazed. I have already spoken to few of my friends here in Sydney and Canberra and they are very interested, so do not be surprised if you get a stream of orders from here. Please pass on my regards to your weavers for weaving such a beautiful saree. Wish you and your family very best for Durga Puja and Diwali, God bless you. [Sumita S., Australia] Oct 20th 2012.

v      Thanks a ton. It was a pleasure speaking to you. The sari is stunning and a true masterpiece!!! Hats off to you for your commitment, dedication and promptness!! India needs more people like you. Keep it up. Excellent communication!! Very prompt. In fact the promptness and communication quality made me to buy higher range sari online which I never do. Do I have anything left to say??:) Rashmi and TOC hasn't left any stone unturned!! All I can say is "Keep it up!!"". Our support is always with you. [Rekha Y., Bangalore , India] Oct 19th 2012.

v      Its been a while I am visiting your website every day. literally. Looking at each new addition kept me away from deciding on one. All are so beautiful and unique. Finally got hold of TOC-xxxx. Received with best packaging and in promised time. All I can say is it is such a wonderful art. My congratulations and thanks for work you are doing. Sent order for second brocade and one for my sister. [Sadhana P, Delhi, India] Oct 1st 2012.

v      WOW, such a wonderful piece of Paithani. No wonder why you insisted me to go for it. Thanks a million. Just to let you know everyone around me is in love with it and want one for them. Expect a flood of orders from me soon. [Jayanti R., New York City, USA] Sept 29th 2012.

v      Thanks for Beautiful saree. I was cheated by a online seller so I was worried to order from you, but I am so happy to find you. All sarees on website are amazingly gorgeous. Thanks  [Sanjana M, Kolkata, India] Sept 25th 2012.

v      Received my ordered Paithani this morning. Thanks for sweet and beautiful color. What amazed me is your customer service. So polite and instant. Keep the good work. [Rashmi J., Hyderabad, India] Sept 21st 2012.

v      Perfect! You have my 10 stars in each Product, Service, Delivery and Communication.  [Lily Jane M, Columbia, ] Sept 18th 2012.

v   beautiful......I saw video of my saree in making. Such a difficult weave and end result is so beautiful. My sincere thanks to you and your artisan. God bless you in your efforts and may he bring you greatest success [Mary & Dave, Canton, Ohio, USA] August 29th 2012.

v  Thank Touch of Class for accommodating my urgent request. Saree was delivered within 3 days and yet no compromise in packkaging or shipment. My Gogbharai (baby shower) became a subject of discussion with beautiful Touch of Class Paithani. Lets works on my next order soon. [Sumita S, L.A., USA ] Sept 14th 2012.

v   Hi, this is xxxxxxxx. Thanks for delivering my order to my parents. My mom is very happy. Surprised to own her dream paithani after so long years and that is from me. My two sisters wants for them as well. Ordering soon. Thanks.  [Ritesh Patel, Detroit, USA] August 15th 2012.

v      Thank you Rashmi for all the help. My mother loved the surprise and asked me to say congratulations for your work and dedication.  [Urvashi M, Paris, France] July 1st 2012.

v      Received Paithani today. its beautiful...... no doubt sari is more pretty than what i thought it would be ...i want to order a brocade paithani in near future ...looking forward to that [Rewa D., Calicut, India] July 2nd 2012.

v      Outstanding Service. Always instant reply and lots of information. I am very happy with my purchase and will be buying more. Your website is addictive. [Manish P, Delhi, India] July 1st 2012.

v    I tried the saree yesterday.behad khoobsoorat hai. I really like the belt jari along the kinara - very elegant. The saree is a work of art. I have bought three paithanis from you until now. I am originally a Tamilian - my husband is from Haryana. That said, I respect paithanis much-much more than i respect Kanchipurams. Yes, Kanchipurams are beautiful and the silk, twisted 4-times, is very resilient. However, in terms of artistic merit and sheer elegance, absolutely no textile can compare with a paithani.  Also, these days, Kanchipuram silks have lost their traditional look. They are woven to look like Benarsi brocades. And unfortunately, where the workmanship is concerned, Benarsi brocades are much more superior. Also, why imitate ?

Some years ago, my fiend got married. He is from Maharashtra (NAME). His wife is also from Maharashtra (NAME). 
This was a very nice and classy wedding. What disappointed me and surprised me most was that the bride DID NOT WEAR  A PAITHANI. She was wearing a Kanchipuram ??????

That said, not a single person at the marriage (including the bride's and bridegroom's relatives) wore a Paithani..........

I later asked my friend (the groom) why that was the case ? Why would any person who can afford and who also knows about the Paithani, wear a Kanchipuram instead of a a Paithani ? 
He had no answers... :-)
[U. D., New York, USA] June 27th 2012.

v      I was going to call FEDEX when I heard a LOUD banging on my door and MY SAREE IS HERE!!!!! Thank you sooooooooooooo much. Actually, I can't thank you enough. This has been a truly amazing experience. I am going to need more soon...Love. Mona [Mona T, Cary, NC, USA] April 25th 2012

v      Thank you very much. You guys are very prompt. Some other sites have lower rates and free shipping and they charge less for blouse stitching but nobody ever answer for the emails. You are very prompt and doing real business. Good. [Sunita M, USA] April 27th 2012.

v      Received my package today. Bit slow but when I opened, it was worth the transit time. Very nice packaging for my first Paithani. It was truly amazing to interact with Rashmi for selection and her honest opinion. My hearty congratulation for the weaver for making this wonderfulPaithani. [Suhasini Sheshdri, Australia] April 12th 2012.

v      I read Touch of Class Website almost 3 times and still couldn't understand what art is involved in Paithani. So decided to go for a traditional paithani. It was long question-answer mode with Rashmi who always mailed back promptly. After receiving my saree yesterday, I am proud to possess one of greatest art that touch of class is reviving. my apology for giving all trouble but as Rashmi says, it was the joy in process than actual transaction and thanks to her, I had it a lot. [Antara Vishwas,  CA, USA] April 21st 2012.

v      My dad got here today. The saree is beautiful as always. Thanks for sending it promptly to Mumbai. [Madhavi R, California, USA] April 19th, 2012.

v      Paithani in its royal glory, thats all I can say after looking at my order. All three are so unique and beautiful. Please keep the good work. I will certainly visit you when in India this December. [Vijaya Kuller, Canada] April 16th 2012.

v      Thanks Rashmiji, what a beautiful saree. As you said over phone, each curve and line in lotus is so neat and looks like a fine paining on silk. I watched video you sent and trust me I felt like crying after seeing the effort that were put in making each saree. Your work is so serene and I am happy that you are so determine to keep art alive. [Sridevi Reddy, Bangalore, India] April 9th 2012.

v      It is my 4th saree and I think my feedback is if you ever wish to buy a beautiful and lovely paithani, there is no better place you can find than Touch of Class. [Aasha Kulkarni, Mumbai, India] March 30th 2012.

v      My beautiful rich and truly royal Jaswand brocade came today. How I thank you for outstanding workmanship and service. Eight months since I ordered were gone so fast and your monthly updates were only reminder of time. Such a wonderful people you are. I am so so happy to have this saree. My daughter said, in past 20 years this is only saree that I purchased was RIGHT CHOICE. [Sumati Parmar, Calcutta, India] March 26th 2012.

v      Rashmiji, tum jiyo hazaro saal aur saal ke din ho hazar. Tanks for making my dream wedding so beautiful with your paithani. We need you to work hazar saal for this art to live long. [Kiran Sanghavi, Ahmedabad, India] March 10th 2012.

v      Thank you Touch of Class. Got my sarees today. They are gorgeous. Thanks for smooth transaction and prompt service.   [Madhulika P, Delhi, India] March 11th 2012.

v      Thanks for accommodating my urgency and sending saree so quickly. I received it this morning and wore on function. Sending picture with this mail. Everyone present said, I looked great. Thanks for making my day a memorable one. BTW, I had given your phone to some friends for their orders. Thanks again! [Ajita Patil, NJ, USA] March 6th 2012.

v      WOW, great collection and choice. Thanks for sending images and details. It helped a lot in making my decision. Saree is far better than I thought. Will visit you soon for more. [Dr. Dalavi, Belgaum, India] March 4th 2012.

v      Excellent collection. Your brocades are lovely. I am happy that finally I own one. It is really pride to own Touch of Class Paithani. [Ruchira K, MI, USA] March 4th 2012.

v      Got the silver White and pink paithani saree. Sooo happy it's much better than I imagined. Can't wait to get White gold one but maybe a while cos I'm waiting on other stuff. Can't wait to buy more. Pls email new ones ASAP. If u do any checks on White silk , any red with green Borders, any lotus or peacock ones and any mustard or peacock green. I love my Indian sarees ESP paithani sarees. My first was bought at my wedding time 14yrs ago. They are timeless. Thanks again and pls contact me soon. [Paulomi, UK] Oct 19th 2011

v      Outstanding Service and Product. Thanks a lot for my dream saree! [Prashanthi, Hyderabad, India] July 25th 2011.

v      Got my saree today. It was far far better than what I ordered. You guys are Great. [Vijaykanta M, Bangalore, India] July 20th 2011.

v      When I ordered saree back in Dec 2010, I wasn't sure what to expect. Rashmi assured me the best of her but yet. Today I received saree and all I can say is WONDERFUL! All starts to you Rashmi. Wish you great success and you have earned all my blessings for the same.  [Sushanti Sharma,  New Delhi, India] July 21st 2011.

v      Just caught mailman to get my saree. It is fabulous and just perfect. Packaging was superb and  enjoyed every step of ordering too. Thanks!  [K. Shivsunderan, Connecticut, USA] July 15th, 2011.

v      Hello TOC, received my fabric I ordered last month. It is too good and I am so excited to have it stitched. I have mailed you with few designs for next order. Thank you and wish you all the best. [Satish Gupta, Designer, Mumbai, India] July 9th 2011.

v      Truly awesome. Thanks for a beautiful Paithani.[Shakshi Deshpande, Pune, India] June 30th 2011.

v      I was not sure to travel to Pune to see your collection but now I know why you insisted. You people are simply best. Finally I own one, thanks to your service. [Sneha Kulkarni, Aurangabad, India] June 24th 2011.

v      Thank you rashmi for my first Paithani. It is truely a royal possession. I enjoyed your website and forwarded it to many of my friends.  [Kashish Ahmed, UAE] June 15th 2011.

v      Hello Rashmi, I just wonder how you can think so beautifully and work on so many orders at once. All our 6 orders came out really fine. Thank you and keep the good work. You can count on my support. [Indira B, London, UK] May 30th 2011.

v      Received my order this morning. Was too busy trying it last few hours. Every one liked it so much that I have to buy at least 3 for my sisters and one for mom. Packaging was very well done. Thanks. [Madhu Sahane, Vadodara, India] May 23rd 2011.

v      Received my Dupatta today. It is so cute. I have sent money for 2 more, please ship soon. Thanks! [Anita Patil, Nasik, India] May 19th 2011.

v      Wonderful work Rashmi. Keep it up and let me know if you need any help. [Dr. David Phillips, Toronto, Canada] May 18th 2011.

v      Thank you so much Rashmi, Received my saree and blouse today. Both are perfect and just what I wanted. Thanks for your efforts [Prachi Shinde, Illinois, USA] May 15th 2011.

v      Dear Rashmi, I have been collecting Paithani and other traditional saree for 20 years but never saw designs you make. When I requested prices for common designs from other web stores, I was skeptical about quality as the difference was significant. When I received Sarees yesterday all I can say is it was great bargain for finest quality. Your prices are really low and quality is so far best I have seen in 20 years. BTW, Jaswand Brocade is my 9th Paithani and I will order one more in October. Hats off to your efforts. [Ranjana Kulkarni, Mumbai, India] May 29th 2011.

v      Wow, what a beautiful saree, far far far better than website images are. Super fast shipment, amazing guys. Thanks a lot.  [Divya Jagannathan, Chicago, USA] May 30th 2011.

v      Hi, it was very kind of you to send me paithani so quickly. I am fascinated by your service and assurance of lowest price. Quality is the best I can tell. Sent your website and email to my friends in USA. Thanks for all. Wish you a successful season. [Mohini P, New Delhi, India] May 31st 2011.

v      I have received the saree. It is truly beautiful. Thanks so much. I will scan your website to see new ones, please do feel free to email me images whenever something lovely comes along. Thanks, it was great finding you on the net and getting my first paithani. All the best, [Indi, Singapore] June 1st, 2011.

v      Before I found your website I was not even aware of the art and tradition of Indian textile and was hardly needed a saree, Its the collection and your work in reviving Paithani made me buy my first Indian saree. It came to me as bigger surprise with your dedication and meticulous efforts in choosing the best. Today I am proud to own my finest traditional textile. It is beautiful. Thanks a ton. [Christina Phillips, PA, USA] May 30th 2011.

v      What a Paithani! Thank you Rashmi for sending me the saree of my dream. I can not tell you how lucky I am to find you. Be assured that you will have all my support and referrals for your work. Congratulations for your Award! [Shalini Deo, Toronto, Canada] May 27th 2011.

v      When I first enquired for a Paithani till I finalized one, there were 30 emails between us and each one was replied promptly and with same enthusiasm. I am very impressed and satisfied. Saree is just gorgeous and as you promised unique. Thanks and Best Wishes! Do update me on new additions. [Nalini S, San Diego, Ca] May 21st 2011.

v      Received my Paithani Dress Fabric last week and ran to designer for stitching, it is ready and all I can say is it is out of the world. Thank you. I am sending order for 3 more for my sister and friends. You are fantastic. [Vina, Bangalore, India] May 20th 2011.

v      I am student at University studying Textile and Fashion Design. I communicated you after seeing website www.touchofclass.co.in and although I was not going to buy, you tirelessly replied my each query in detail. Your understanding of cultural aspects are amazing. I will visit you in summer when I come to India. Thanks for giving me information that is not reported so far and not thought of. Million wishes. [Robert, Cambridge, UK] May 18th 2011.

v      Received my first paithani saree today. It is so so beautiful. Never saw such fine work and finish before. Very prompt communication and finest shipment I ever experienced. I have no doubt that you will top every other seller in no time. [Rajeshri Patel, Surat, India] May 17th 2011.

v      I was so scared to order expensive saree from website but you guys are true to word. What a fascinating saree and service is best in the world. Your packaging was so perfect that it did not even occurred that it came from almost 6000 miles [Disha, Ontario, Canada] May 13th 2011.

v      I never thought about reason behind designs. India is so well thought culture. I am proud to be a Indian and now to own a heirloom paithani of Touch of Class. Your saree is truely a class apart. [Anuradha, Columbus, OH, Usa] May 15th 2011.

v      Thank you so much Rashmi, I collected the Sarees only today - They are absolutely gorgeous and are now some of the proudest pieces in my saree collection. [UD, NY, USA] May 11th 2011.

v      Thank you for delivering the sari. I am sure my mother liked it. I also thank you for the extra effort your put in, wrapping it, adding a card etc that was very thoughtful of you. Thank you once again. It was a pleasure doing business with you. [Uma R, MA, USA] March 29th 2011.

v      Thank you for your quick and thorough response.  These Sarees are beautiful and I sincerely admire your efforts in keeping this ancient weaving art alive. [Uma D, NY, USA] March 10, 2011.

v      Very good seller, super fast shipping, the product was same as I thought. [Prasad, KA, India] March 29th 2011.

v      I was skeptical with quality and service but when I decided to order it was light years ahead of every website I ever purchased and product was just amazing. Thanks for making my dream to own a grand Paithani. [Manisha, Mumbai, India] March 21st 2011.

v      Thanks a ton. You guys are amazing. Most beautiful Paithani I have ever seen. Shipment was professionally packed and reached in time. I am ordering 3 more today for gifting to my family. [Aparna N, Hyderabad, India] Feb 27th, 2011.

v      Wonderful Saree! I am proud to be associated with your efforts in revival. Hats off to service and quality. [Makarand Jadhav, Mumbai, India] March 3rd, 2011.

v      Now I know how difficult it to make each Paithani with concept and have no doubt that you will reach higher in coming days. Congratulations for your success. BTW, my mom loved saree so much and thank you for your recommending me perfect one. Will pass your website to all my friends. [Madhu A, Kolkata, India] Feb 10th, 2011.

v      I really like your appreciation of Indian culture. In my opinion, this ancient culture is far more sophisticated than modern science and technology. It is very gentle on the earth and sustainable and full of knowledge that modern people have lost. I am writing an article on the wonders of knowledge from ancient Hinduism. It will be published shortly online. I'll send you the URL address, so that you can read it. These days, most people I speak to aren't interested in tradition - they can't wait to adopt Western culture. I'm glad that you know the value of culture and that you have a business that is promoting this very important tradition. [Mailini A, Australia] Oct, 2010. 

v      This is absolutely amazing. I feel like flying over there to watch this in person. I am speechless to see the kind of hard work that goes into making this saree. [P. A., USA] March 21st 2011. I received the pkg today. The Sarees are absolutely stunning. Dec 29th 2010.

v      I have been searching for authentic, traditional Paithanis from people who support weavers, and found your website. I am very impressed by your work. [Janhavi, USA] Feb 23rd 2011.

v      Hello, I was very impressed by this item as well as all the Sarees in your website and appreciate how you are working to revive the art. I had a hard time trying to select a saree because all are so beautiful. I finally chose TOC-xxx. [Suhasini, Hyderabad] Jan 2011.

v      I'm really glad to be doing business with you. I am going to write an article on the saree and promote your products in the article. I believe that paithani is the finest quality silk saree in the world now - even more lovely than rajkot patola!!!! If someone could buy just one saree in their life then it should be a paithani! [Malini A. Australia] Dec 2011.

v      I did visit your site and have seen the work Rashmi have done and are doing. Believe me, as an officer in the Indian Air Force, and being posted at various obscure and sometimes remote places, I have seen the traditional way of life die out in and replaced by something modern but unaesthetic / unhealthy  life styles. Kudos to you both for reviving and nurturing the Paithani tradition and in turn saving not only 50 weavers but also their families. [Brig. Armed Forces at Rajsthan] Oct 2010.

v      First and foremost I would like to congratulate you on your work. I viewed your website and it is everything i wanted and that is why I am shooting this mail out to you.

v      I received the saree today. It is so beautiful. A piece of art for sure. Thanks so much for the fast shipment and the blouse stitching. The blouse was a little tight, but I could fix it by opening some stitches. Thanks for going the extra mile. I will wear this for the upcoming wedding. I will positively buy another one soon. I was looking into perhaps a white/off-white or black one. Thanks, the packaging was so nicely done also. Everything was perfect. Regards, all the best.

v      I have got the Sarees. The Sarees are amazing :). I am glad I purchased them from you. Once again, my heartfelt thanks for the Sarees and your wonderful service.

v      Friendly and reliable seller, beautiful saree. [Micheal H. Germany] Oct 10, 2010.

v      It was a lovely saree was delivered in wonderful packing with a gist of Paithani [Shruti, UK] Sept 02, 2010.

v      Thank you for checking and for the safe delivery of the saris. I had also checked the Speed post tracking and called my mother in Chennai today and she confirmed that she received the saris. It seems that both the saris are beautiful and are being appreciated very much. My parents had lived in Pune for 8 years and in Mumbai for 2 years in the 1950's but my mother had never heard of or seen Paithani silk saris then. So this is a unique experience for her. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to get a lovely feel of Maharashtra tradition in Chennai!

v      I did pick up the parcel from the local post office and loved the sari. Thanks a lot for everything. I definitely will plan to visit you on my next visit to Pune and look at the heavier Paithanis. I will spread the word about mail to order with my colleagues and friends.

* * * * * Complete Names and Locations are omitted to protect the privacy of our Clients * * * * *


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